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Nutri-Peat® is the superior alternative to wood mulch for fertilizing and enriching your garden’s soil. Wood mulch, as it hasn’t been composted, is vulnerable to fungi and molds that can crust over your garden beds, or even grow shotgun artillery fungi capable of blasting spores that nigh-permanently stain whatever they hit.

Nutri-Peat® has biological properties which not only protect against the growth of crusting molds and staining fungi, but also promote healthy plant growth and provide nutrients and beneficial microbes to your garden’s flowers, all the while making it more difficult for pesky weeds to grow. It is both denser and retains moisture better than wood mulch, and it keeps its dark color longer. And, after one year, it adds humus to the bed! Only one application needed per season!


Hardscaping, stone and soil products, steps, walls, and wall caps.We stock the largest selection of hardscape materials in Bucks County. We carry EP Henry, Techo-Bloc, and a wealth of other manufacturers, so you'll be sure to find what you need here.


Outdoor low voltage lightingAccent lighting and outdoor illumination is only a phone call away. Stop into our showroom and see the options available today.

Veneer Stone

Stone veneer adds a rich look to any project, both inside and out. We stock several different veneer manufacturers, so you'll be sure to find a style to fit your project needs.

Patio Furniture

Canyon Key Premium patio furniture is beautifully designed to last.  Accent your stone patio with some beautiful furniture.  Check it out here.