Nutri-Peat Organic Mulch


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Nutri-Peat ® is the superior alternative to wood mulch for fertilizing and enriching your garden’s soil. Wood mulch, as it hasn’t been composted, is vulnerable to fungi and molds that can crust over your garden beds, or even grow shotgun artillery fungi capable of blasting spores that can stain whatever they hit. Our Nutri-Peat composted mulch helps to protect against these types of issues.  In addition, the nutrients which come from compost become part of your flower beds and enrich your soil over time.


Nutri-Peat ® Organic Mulch has biological properties which not only protect against the growth of crusting molds and staining fungi, but also promote healthy plant growth and provide nutrients and beneficial microbes to your garden’s flowers, while making it more difficult for annoying weeds to grow. It is both denser than mulch and retains moisture better than wood mulch. In addition, unlike wood mulch, it keeps its dark color longer due to the fact that wood mulch will break down more quickly than Nutri-Peat.

Another benefit of this product is that, after one year, it begins to add humus to the beds in which it resides. The beautiful thing about Nutri-Peat ® composted mulch is that you’ll typically only need a single application each season. This is due to its slow breakdown rate and resistance to fungus and mold. These things typically require a homeowner to need another application of mulch during the late summer or early fall season.

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