2A Red Modified Stone


2A red modified stone is a great choice to create drainage beds and level out areas for driveways and walkways as well as providing foundations for brick or cement block.Sold by the Cubic Yard


2A modified stone is different than natural gravel in that 2A red modified stone is a crushed larger stone – a man made or “modified” stone. 2A modified stone is best used in places where the red color is needed to blend with other products, but its aesthetics are not a priority, and adequate drainage and compaction is desired.  If you’re looking for decorative stone, you can find various varieties on our bulk materials page here.  We sell 2A gray modified stone as well – you can find that here.  Stone Depot stocks a large variety of stone, soil, sand, and mulch products for your landscaping, hardscaping, and other construction needs.

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 yd